Virtual Forum Guidance with Kaley Klemp and Jackie Insinger


To make the most of your Forum Within Self-Moderated meetings, use these videos from Kaley Klemp and Jackie Insinger to understand the agenda, have examples of each meeting component, and suggestions to make the most of the time.

Additional Modules

Click here to purchase additional meeting modules with thematic explorations for an additional 8 meetings of your Forum Within Experience. Explore:


Identifying the values you live by that keep you grounded and authentic 


Learning how to use your Forum members and develop strategies to see your life in different ways


Noticing where you create comparison, and how to drop that mindset and embrace gratitude instead


Seeing where you have limited yourself and shifting to take appropriate risks


Articulating what “happy” looks like in your life, so you can spend more time there

Courageous Conversations

Embracing the questions that can transform the Forum group and other relationships


Creating strategies to reconnect with those who matter most


Celebrating the gifts that each member of the group brings to your lives

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